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Miranda “That Circus Freak” – Australia


Right from when she was tiny, Miranda loved to throw herself about.  She was that kid in the ballet class that did 3 spins when everybody else did 1.  Inevitably she moved into gymnastics as well, and finally diving.

Then one fateful day she went to the circus and fell in love.  A timetabling issue at cirucs school meant she couldn’t get into the tumbling class and ended up in an aerial class instead – and her fate was sealed.  What a wonderful way to fly through the air with the greatest of ease!

After trying out the various aerial equipment, she got up on the hoop and it was a match made in heaven.  Her passion (obsession?) has continued unabated since then, her determination to conquer just about anything that’s possible on hoop pushing her onwards.  As a result she now has a dizzying portfolio of drops and dynamic moves.

She loves to share her passion with as many people as she can, so they too can feel the excitement and sense of achievement in mastering a new move and reaching their goals!

Lydia Lee - Korea


SY Pole Studio / SY Pole wear owner​

2015 Angelcup Pole Dance Championship (APDC) – 2nd Place

2015 Korea Pole Sports Championship (KPSC) – 3rd Place

2017 Philippine Pole Cup (PPC) – 2nd Place

2017 Angelcup Pole Dance Championship (APDC) – Judge

2017 Seoul International Pole-dance Championship (SIPC) – Co-Organizer & Judge

​2018   WS in HongKong - spinderella studio

2018   2nd. Seoul International Pole-dance Championship – Co-Organizer & Judge

2018   Asia champion pole cup (in Japan) - Judge

2018   WS in Japan - polish studio

2018   WS in Hongkong – polebeatgallery

2018   WS in Singapore - acropolates studio

2018   Airstars The Third Asia Aerial Dance Art Competition- Judge

2018   WS in Bangkok – flymetothemoon studio

2018   Pole camp in Pattaya

2019   Asia-Pacific Pole Challenge in Singapore – Judge

2019   Asia Pole Championcup in Japan

        Poletheatre in Japan - Judge

Claudia Renee- U.S.A


Claudia Renee is an internationally recognized pole instructor, performer and choreographer. She has taught her signature workshops and 4E Intensive in over 10 countries & has held the position of the head instructor at the world famous BeSpun in Los Angeles for over 3 years. She is known for her captivating performances, full of musicality and audience engagement, her dynamic choreography, and low flow fluidity. You can see some of her signature choreography in “Pole Show LA”.


Known for her captivating performances, especially in the inaugural “Miss Pole Dance America” where she played the character of “Dexter”. Her passion for creating longevity in pole dancers, building lasting relationships with her students and encouraging innovative movement in every student has helped her create a name for herself in the pole community. Claudia carries a degree in Nutrition and Small Business Entrepreneurship as well as holds multiple certifications in the fitness industry. 

Nicholas Tang - Malaysia


Originally from Malaysia -  Nicholas Tang first started practising pole dance at the age of 14 with Viva Vertical studio in Malaysia, attracted by “the idea of defying gravity” and the impressive performances of his mentors. A decade later, he has participated in — and won — a number of competitions across the globe and the reigning Professional Men Aerial Hoop champion of Philippine Aerial Cup 2018.


Nicholas is Hong Kong Aerial Arts Academy's master instructor and the president of Next Pole Star. He instructs, performs and choreographs with a distinctive and creative flair and now judges international competitions across Asia, he is also a certified Pole Theatre judges and the appointed head judge of Airstars. Nicholas was one the cast in Viva Circus Productions which includes Neverland, Secret Of The Lost Circus, and, Art Is Power and Femme Fatale and now - CRÈ.

Tracy Mak - Singapore

Tracy Mak was born in Hong Kong and is the co-owner of Milan Pole Dance Studio in Singapore.


She is in Asia to become a qualified Head Judge under the International Pole Sports Federation (IPSF). She the head of Ethics Committee within the IPSF and has contributed to the development of its Code of Points & Rules and Regulations. Tracy is a certified pole instructor with the International Pole Dance Fitness Association & XPERT certified aerial hoop instructor. 


She first dabbled in Pole Dance in 2007 out of curiosity. Pole dance gave her the opportunity to meet people from all walks of life and was inspired by the bonds built regardless of age, status or background. She found it her calling to contribute to the pole industry, the community that has supported her through life's most difficult times. She hopes to grow the recognition of pole as a sport and art form, as well as provide opportunities for Asian talents on the international stage. 


She has judged in various national and international Pole Championships around the world and believes that pole should be embraced in all its forms. 


Kazuya Naka - Japan

Pole Fitness & Aerial Studio Sweetpi-A Osaka Japan- Owner and Instructor


WPSC2012 3rd Single

WPSC2012 3rd Doubles

IPC2012 Art Champion Doubles


WPSC2013 10th Single

WPSC2013 3rd Doubles


JPSC2014 1st Single


WPSC2015 6th Single


WPSC2016 8th Single


WPSC2017 6th Single


IPC2018 Fit Champion Doubles

Viveka Ma – China

2010- Champion of Talent Show in Institutions of Higher Learning

2011-Popular Talent of Chinese Talent Show

2013- Champion of CCTV Golden 100 Seconds

2014- She became the first certified intermediate and senior coach of X-Pert in China

2015- Champion South Korean Pole Dancing Championship

2015- Founder of Asian Aerial Dance Association

2016- Chairman and Head Organizer of Airstars Competition.

Pinoko - Japan


She is one of the most famous exotic pole dancers in Japan.  

Having won 14 awards globally,she is well known both domestically and internationally. 

She continues to attract fans from all over the world with her signature heels movements. 

Before starting to learn poledance at the age of 24,in 2011,she has been learning musicals,music as well as acting. 

In April 2018,she gave birth to her son,and has returned to poledance and performer life after a month and half. 

She has been a judge in Japan, Korea and Hong Kong.

She is a poledance instructor,as well as a coach at Studio Polish,Tokyo,Japan,as well as producing and performing at various festivals and events.


2013,All Japan Pole Sports Competition,Doubles,1st Place

2014,All Japan Pole Sports Competition,Doubles,1st Place

2014,Miss Pole Dance Pole King Japan,Women Single,Finalist

2014,Miss Pole Dance Pole King Japan,Doubles,1st Place

2014,World Pole Sports Championship,London,Mixed Doubles,3rd Place

2014,KOREA Pole Sport Championship,International Women Single,2nd Place

2015,Australian Pole Fitness Championship,Mixed Doubles,1st Place

2015,Miss Pole Dance Pole King Japan,Women Single,Best Entertainment Award,Audience Award

2015,Miss Pole Dance Pole King Japan,Doubles,1st Place

2015,Miss Pole Dance 2015,Asia Pacific,Singapore,2nd Place

2015,Pole Theatre Japan,Classique,1st Place,Overall Winner

2016,Asia Pole Championship,Singapore,2nd Place

2016,Felix Pole Championship,Australia,Finalist

2016,Pole Theatre World,Czech,Finalist

2016,Pole Theatre Japan,Classique Category Winner